About HCF

Hammersmith Christian Fellowship (HCF)  was founded in 1901 as Bethel Baptist Church, Greyhound Rd, Fulham, under the Pastorate of Rev. Alonzo Clark. HCF is proudly a member of the Old Baptist Union, a group of evangelical Baptist churches founded in 1880 to proclaim the Word of God in its fullness.  As a Baptist church we believe that being baptised by immersion in water, as a believer in Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord, is an essential element of Christian life.

Who we are

We are a group of ordinary people who are discovering that faith in God is a life – changing experience.  We are committed by the Holy Spirit at work in us, to teach and live the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Our desire is to share with others the love of God and the joy of worship and service.

 Our Mission statement

Serve God, serve each other, serve community.

 Our Objective

To advance and extend the kingdom of God, through the power of  the Holy Spirit, by training and equipping disciples and by declaring the lordship of Jesus Christ in our lives.